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. city attorney and george gascon held a press conference this amp. they say anyone caught breaking the law or causing damage will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law with the mayhem that followed the giants win on sunday. city leaders say that vandals may be forced to pay for damages. >>> we have new video into our news room tonight of people breaking the windows out of a bus and stetting it on fire. the video showing you here was by a viewer who says he was at the corner of third and market sunday night. the cell phone camera recorded you can see someone hit the front window of that bus with a barricade, then someone, possibly several peerjs actually set the bus on fire. police say they're aware of video and pictures circulating on social media and are using them to help identify suspects. >>> when vandals set fire after the world series win on sunday night they ruaned larry moore's shoe shine stand at market street where he's been earning a living now for six years. >> my heart was broke because all the hard work and effort i put into it. i just don't understand why pe
at least two years following its scheduled opening next year. san francisco would be the host city, but here's how the selection process works. santa clara will first vie with miami to host super bowl 15 in 2016. the losing state will then go head to head with houston to host super bowl 51 the following year. final vote is expected to take place next mae. last year's super bowl ma donna headlined. the act shows us this season game in february. >>> continuing coverage of this evening's memorial service for ambassador chris stephens. sharing memories of the man graduating from uc berkeley and law school before serving his country in libya. david stevenson is in san francisco now where the event is a rotunda there in city hall. >> gasia, ambassador stevens had strong ties to the bay area and those paying tribute to him at city hall from federal to international citizens. the crowd heard from former u.s. secretary of state, representative barbara lee out of oakland and the lib yan ambassador to the united states. organizers plan for a thousand guests at city hall. the service came toge
saturday. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> happening now, tension at oakland city hall where in the last few minutes dozens of people have been sdod leave city council chambers following some heated exchanges over a police shooting. this is a live look right now outside the meeting. protesters are demanding the police report on a shooting back in may that took the life of 18-year-old alan blooper. we are told the protesters got a copy of that report and protesters are still not happy. our crew was there earlier tonight and some protesters were kept out of the council meeting [ crowd chanting ] . >> the gallery and balcony inside the council chambers have been shut down. the city calls it a security precaution. we caught up with blooper's father about an hour ago as he marched with demonstrators. >> my thing is not to take over the city hall meeting. we want to make sure the city hall is aware of my son's death and doing something about it. >> two weeks ago a group of protesters interrupted the city council meeting forcing it to end early. >>> police in oakland are now investigating their fif
officer says he suffered retaliation and is now suing the city. >> complete bay area yeah news news coverage starts right now. >>> good evening. it is wednesday october 24th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news ot 7:00. well, demonstrators are being told to carry shields and the city of oakland is getting ready. a protest planned for tomorrow marks the first anniversary of occupy oakland's vie leapt clash with law enforcement one year ago. new at 7:00 with how the city says things will be different this year. >> well, police are planning to try to keep protesters off the new grass here at franco plaza and they say they will definitely enforce no camping and no violence. >> unforgettable images of tear gas, shattered glass, and anger bubbling over. tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the violent clash between police and protesters here at franco galo plaza. occupy oakland demonstrations are planned for tomorrow. attendeess are being asked to bring tents and shields. city officials and police who took a lot of criticism for their response last year say this time arou
state boarding, that's the place to be. happening now, paul chambers live isn't the city where the new tour has taken root and will do so through sunday. hi, paul. >> hey, gasia. one of those things you've got to see to believe so let me show you right now. civic center plaza has totally transformed. they're actually practice r for about an hour from now and there will be up and down the street from city hall and many but not to all. >> action sports at scompleets they'll be in san francisco for the next four days doing tricks and showing off their skills, competing in several sports including bmx and street fight coursers. >> this event progresses fast so if you're doing the winning run you did last year and won, you're going to get dead last and not qualify for next year. >> want today come to san francisco for some time now and instead of adapting the city to fit their style, decided to switch them up. >> we actually designed them to fit within civic center plaza. >> that's a bone of contention for one leader. the general public will have limited use of the plaza for roughly two wee
student michelle le. what her family says about the decision. >>> and a south bay city tries tackle homelessness head on. why some call the effort misguided . >> xreet bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> good evening. it's monday, october 29th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. superstorm sandy moved to shore in just the past two hours near atlantic city, new jersey. the massive storm is pounding the eastern sea board and already prompted officials to shut down public transportation in new york, washington, and philadelphia. reporter karen cleed is live now in manhattan to tell us and show us what it's like there right now. good evening, karen. >> sandy has made land fall wreaking havoc in her path. tonight the waiting game is over . >> the storm is intensifying along the east coast. the worst of its kind in nearly a century. >> this is the most catastrophic event that we have faced and been able to plan for in any of our lifetimes. >> sandy could be historic seen here stretching up the atlantic from the international spa
san francisco, the city is hosting more than half a dozen events from sweet week to america's baseball play off games so that means huge crowds coming to town. how officials plan to deal with the potential transit and traffic nightmares. shan na. >> that's right. just imagine the population of san francisco doubling. that's about how many people are expected here in the next ten days, and you can see the signs up already warning people they're going to take one of these traffic lanes and turn it over to bike rides and maybe a bike ride or take public transit. expect lain closures, de tours and a lot of heavy traffic through the city. >> san francisco is only about seven square miles. this week huge crowds could have the city bursting at its seems. an estimated 1 million people are expected to come to town. >> i'm not driving this week. definitely not. >> fleet week kicks off thursday and is expect today attract a couple hundred thousand people this weekend and the waterfront won't be the only hot spot. the hardly bluegrass festival will draw hundreds of thousands to golden gate park. s
to be located on peers 30 and 32. new at 7:00 chambers live in the city with a sneak peek at the design and the hurdles that may still get in the way. >> gasia, five years from now will be a state of the art multi-purpose facility that will hold 17,500 seats. home of the nba's golden state warriors back on the eastern most edge of piers 30, 32, but doing that won't be easy. >> the pier itself needs to be stable sxiedz that's an important pafrt of the project and at this point in time the owners of the warriors are spending about $100 million just to stabilize the pier. >> the team is putting 100% of the bill through private finances. it will be surrounded by retalt shops and at least 50% of the site will have dedicated open space. >> 7 acres of the design that we unveiled today is going to be brand new space really reclaiming this beautiful part of our waterfront so that means we're exposing about 8 thousand square feet of water that currently is covered over by the pier today. we're actually working much harder to expose more water. >> the designer says they don't want to take away fro
of work to do. >> reporter: the city has a lot of work ahead. the mayor's office want to televised some of the away games on civic center plaza. >> we came at for the last world series. it is great, a lot of fun. >> reporter: as many as 7,000 people gather inside 2010 to watch on a giant t shr-rbgs as the giants got the title in texas. >> we happen -- tv as the giants got the title in texas. >> we we put in for the request. it has to be an away game and it has to be a clincher. >> reporter: and word of a parade. public safety agents are now looking at this after action parade report. it details what went right and what went wrong. it calls for better planning and access lanes for the disabled and medical personnel. >> we are going to coordinate to put something together quickly but we don't want to talk about it yet because we don't want to jinx ourselves. >> reporter: in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvus channel 2 news. >>> and you can -- ktvu channel 2 news. >>> you can watch the game live on channel 2. coverage starts at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. the first pitch is at 5:07. >>
in front of city hall. you see here dozens of people are gathered there preparing for a march that's set to start at any moment. all is calm so far and has been until this point. now, police are out in force after someone posted fliers telling people to bring shields to the march. our tara lou was on the ground for us. she's live right near 14th and broadway. tell us about one incident that's already transpired. >> well, we've definitely seen this crowd get rield up once already. right now we're looking at maybe about 150 protesters out here, a strong police presence, as well. police say they plan to allow people to exercise their first amendment rights but peacefully. >> this man dressed in white and wearing a mask angers many in this crowd with a sign that said white power. dozens began chasing him around frank ogawa plaza several protesters urge it had group thot to take him out. >> they're not getting violent. nobody is going to get violent. >> demonstrators began gathering for the occupy oakland march writing messages in chalk and holding signs. many were her one year ago when polic
, city hall, a police station and the oak labd tribune building. a member to have city council says protests have cost the city over $7 million over the last year. he also had harsh words for the mayor. >> this mayor cannot continue hiding and cannot continue not taking a position, a very public position. same with some of the council members. >> police say the destruction started when a group of violent protesters took other the peaceful group afghans for peace. >>> suspended san francisco sheriff should learn tomorrow if he gets to keep his job or if he'll be forced out. inciting domestic violence rally on the step of city hall today. they want the supervisors to remove mir kree mee. mir kree mee was suspend affidavit arguing with his wife. the ethics committee decided he was guilty of official misconduct. >>> a nobel prize was handed out to a pioneer and anatomy professor. 50-year-old contributed to a discovery that cells in the body can be reprogrammed. that raises the possibility that scientists could one day grow new tissue or organs for transplant. it could also eliminate the
in february on the 1.7-mile stretch of subway connecting south of market to china town. the city's mayor says the subway is a crucial piece of san francisco's transportation future. >> it's going to significantly improve the movement of tens of thousands of san franciscos. >> o poebts filed a lawsuit yesterday seeking to block the subway. the new subway station at union square would replace part of the park, something he says would require voter aprol. his group called the project a big waste of money. >> if we can shift it all the existing resources into helping right away, everybody in the city would benefit. >> san francisco's mayor says he's not worried the suit will de rail the project. >> i think -- i know that there's a theory they're working about not having a station on union square, i think that borders only bik louse so i think we're be successful in de fending against it. >> if all goes according to plan, it will open up in 2017 but opponents still want to take the issue directly to voters and hope to get a ballot before voters next year. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a san francisco s
. >> family violence is an epidemic in this city and in this country. it's serious because it truly harms families. >> reporter: immediately after both sides made their cases hundreds of speakers lined up. the majority of them voicing their support for mirkarimi. >> i hope that you reinstate ross to the job. >> reporter: now the supervisors have to reach a supermajority of nine out of 11 to remove mirkarimi. that rule could come hours from now. we will have team coverage for you on this tonight at 10:00 on channel 2. for now we're live in san francisco christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can also stay current by going to for more on the ross mirkarimi hearing. for more look on the tab we posted there on our top page. >>> prosecutors made public a report finding that a police officer was justified when he shot and killed 19-year-old blufford. the 18 page report says both video evidence and witnesses confirm blufford was armed with a semi automatic pistol that he pointed at officer maso. it also says that blufford continued to point the gun at the officers after he was wo
city that is seeing homicide climb. >> and a popular restaurant goes up in flames. >>> good evening. it's friday, october 12th. i'm gasia mikaelian. a surprise announcement today from oakland's police of chief. he plans to discipline two offers for their actions in the occupy protest months ago. thrive oakland to tell us about the punishments. noel,. >> the police chief released this report. the report also outlines more than a thousand complaints about officer's actions during occupy protest. the most the department has ever received. some come from people watching news coverage over seas. october 25th 2011 looks more like a war zone. one camp of why today oakland police chief admitted some of his officernot act appropriately. >> we expect them to follow the policies of the department and where they don't do that we'll hold them accountable. >> reporter: the chief is recommended disciplinary action against 44 officers. >> we take their complaints seriously and the complaint system does work. so when people feel they've been wronged by the police. we will investigate. >> they did ab
if the team breaks the lease and leaves early for san jose or some other city. >>> we have some developments tonight in the east bay where there is word of an officer-involved shooting. news chopper 2 flew over the caltrain yard in san jose just minutes ago. we are working to get information, and what we've been told so far is that a san mateo county transit authority officer fired his weapon while the train was in san jose. we've also been told that one person was wounded and has been taken away. caltrain has stopped northbound service in the area not far from the station. >>> new at 7:00, the search for the person or persons throwing objects at vehicles from an overpass above highway 4 in contra costa county. live in antioch tells us three vehicles have been hit here and one person was injured. >> investigators say even a small rock like this can do a lot of damage and all of the vehicles including an ambulance were hit here near the g street overpass. i tracked down the ambulance company and got photos of the damage. >> on monday about 9:00 p.m. an amr ambulance was heading east on highwa
and the castro street fair. anyone heading to the city should plan ahead. >> it will not be available. there will be a lot of people on the roads causing traffic delays. >> transportation officials say they will be add trains, buses and ferries to get the people around town. you can go to to read more, click on the weekend extra tab right there on our home page. >>> the authorities in hayward say a police officer fired on a suspected car theft today. the shooting happened at 11:30 a.m. near tree view elementary. according to the police, the police officer approached a parked car with the suspect in the driver's seat. the officer says the suspect refused to commy with the officer's demands -- comply with the officer's demands. he had what appeared to be a weapon. >> the officer fearing that the suspect was arming himself was forced to use lethal force. >> later, the police said there was a weapon in the car within reach. the authorities have not said what type of weapon it was. the name of the suspect has not been released. >> new at 7:00. the call for a firing of the oakland
one of almost 100 people across the state including 14 in union city caught up in a sting this week by the contractor state license board. >> we are running a sting. >> it is a sting. >> do you have any identification on you at all? >> reporter: investigators the 92 people arrested may face one or more misdemeanor charges for contracting without a license, illegal advertising and requesting an excessive down payment. the contractor board says these people put homeowners at serious risk if a worker is injured on their property. >> and if you hire someone who is not licensed you don't know what kind of job they were going to do. >> scam was not going through my head. charming and maybe -- maybe i can get the house painted, you know. >> reporter: a retired teacher paid $4400 to wilson to participate her house. instead of a nice new look she says she was ripped off. shoty work, the job half done and the feeling she should of known better. >> stupid. i mean stupid. hello. >> reporter: but the contractor state license board says wilson is get at getting people to trust him but bad at d
of the union city strip mall. flames broke out just after 1:00 a.m. on al have a raw doe boulevard. nearly a dozen businesses and multiple restaurants were damage dz in this fire. nthers say that flames spread through the attic and burned for hours before they were spotted. the fire was contained by 3:30 but fire crews stayed at the mall throughout the morning to check for hot spots. >> we lost a lot of businesses but then again we saved a lot of businesses and that's your goal, to save property and life. >> the roof of the mall collapsed before the fire was contained. no damagest mat just yet. >>> a fire is being investigateed in richmond tonight. it started just after 2:00 a.m. in an industrial yord. several vehicles and some construction equipment were destroyed. the yard shared by a roofing company and a landscaping business. fire officials say that there were lightening strikes in the area but it's not yet known if they sparked the fire. no one was injured. >>> toyota today announced a massive raul of more than 7 million 2007 to 2009 model vehicles sold in the u.s., japan, and europe.
and is scheduled to be sentenced november 8th. >>> a redwood city man was laid to rest today with full military honors along with six other world war ii veterans [ taps playing ] . >> james was a young marine playing over the south pacific in 1944. today arlington national cemetery and his family was there as he and his comrades were finally laid to rest. the wreckage of the plane was discovered in 1944. it took almost two decades to identify the remains of the seven marines. >>> a deadly men anyone jie tis outbreak. five people in six states have died from a rare fun gal form of the disease. none are reported in california. authorities say the outbreak has been linked to the new england compounding center. the center for disease control is telling healthcare providers to stop products. >>> fresno county is reporting a second west nile fatality of the year. health officials have not identified the victim but say it is a woman who died last month. her family has requested no further de tails be released. fresno county reported a total of 16 human west nile cases this year. >>> well, it was a you
shooting suspects today in raids today. about 5:00 this morning, teams from union city, served warrants at four other oakland homes. the four are wanted for a shooting outside a birthday party. >> our objective is to safely make these arrests for officer safety, bystander and suspect safety. >>> amen, our governor jerry brown is here. >> california governor jerry brown is promoting his tax measure. the bishop of the church turned the tables. the governor said he would have them work with copd. >> anna coon fatally shot her boyfriend at a party saturday night. it's the fifth involving domestic violence. advocates say they think it will just rise due to cut back >> the giants take on the tiger in day one of the series. twist businesses are getting ready for floods of fans. besides on all the spending, it's really the publicity is what's greatest. >> it's going to increase the businesses. >> police chief says they have a plan in place to regulate traffic flow before, during and after the game. >>> now, when it comes to getting ready a fan frenzy is in force. >>> giants. >> this
on a smaller boat. >>> san bruno city leaders and consumer advocates say they are upset over george mitchell to oversee the settlement talks in the pge case and state regulators. local officials say they were never consult body mitchell's appointment and that his law firm has represented other utility companies in the past and question his ability to be impartial mediators. >>> now to the race for the white house. president obama was back in the battleground state of ohio following last night's contentious and accusatory debate. he is saying that mitt romney's ideas just don't add up. >> you've heard of the new deal, ohio. you've heard of the fair deal. mitt romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal. >> ohio is a swing state. no republican has won the white house without carrying it. the president narrowly carried the state in 2008 with 51.5% of the vote. ohio has 18 of the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the presidency. >> i have to be honest. i love these debates. these things are great, and i think it's interesting that the president still doesn't have an agenda for a second t
to work. they have 20 million people coming out of farms every year, coming into the cities, needing jobs. so they want the economy to work. and the world to be free. and open. and so we can be a partner with china. we don't have to be an adversary in any shape or form. we can work with them. we can collaborate with them. if they're willing to be responsible. now they look at us and say, is it a good idea to be with america? how strong are we going to be? how strong is our economy? they look at the fact that we owe them $1 trillion and owe other people $16 trillion in total, including them. they look at our decision to go back on our military capabilities. $1 trillion. the secretary of defense called these trillion dollars of cuts to our military devastating. it's not my term. it's the president's own secretary of defense called them devastating. they look at america's commitments around the world and they see what's happening and they say, well, ok, is america going to be strong? the answer is yes. if i'm president america will be very strong. we'll also make sure that we have trade rela
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